My Wife Is In Love With Rae Dunn

Who is Rae Dunn?

She's an artist from California whose cups & mugs have totally captured my wife's heart.

Each item usually has a some sort of saying engraved into it.

There's cups, mugs, pet bowls, people bowls, jars....

I love that my wife Julie has something that she enjoys to hunt for (like me and my comics), but these items are hard to find!

They fly off shelves within minutes of being restocked, which leads to small crowds waiting outside for the stores to open.

And it's not just women who are buying these items, there's plenty of men running down the aisles too (including me)! When Julie and I were at Homegoods on Sunday, I was in a pretty swift footrace with another gentleman who ended up beating me to the Halloween aisle.

If you're a Rae Dunn collector and need someone to hunt with or trade with, or maybe you just need someone to create a distraction....then please let me know. We can hit the town together!

Are you a Rae Dunn collector? If not, what do you collect?

You can find out more about Rae Dunn here.


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