How Do I Clean Up Styrofoam?

I was cleaning out the garage yesterday and found an old TV box that I didn't need anymore.

My youngest daughter, Anna Rose, asked if she could draw on the styrofoam packing, so I said okay.

Well, that was a mistake.

Her artwork was fine, but now I have little styrofoam bits all over the driveway and the yard.

Those styrofoam bits also ended up in Anna Rose's hair....

When I told her about the mess in her hair, she shrugged her shoulders and went right back to drawing...

Seriously, how do I clean up all those little styrofoam balls? They stick to everything!

I managed to eventually get them all out of her hair, her clothes and my clothes, but they're still all over the driveway and the yard.

At least I have some cool art that I can hang up!


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