My Kids Played Paintball For The First Time

I knew this day would come.

My kids finally asked me to take them to play some paintball.

I love playing paintball and it was great to finally play with them.

We went to Tank's Paintball in Richmond and had a great time.

The first piece of advice I gave them was to always hide behind cover!

My next piece of advice was to be sure to move around when it's safe and be on the lookout for the opposing team.

They LOVED IT! And, come to find out, they're pretty good at it!

They only took a few hits all day.

While they played the low impact paintball, I was able to play with some of the other groups too!

Below is a picture of Anna Rose after she squeezed a paintball too hard.

We had so much fun together and my kids have already said they want to have their birthday parties there.

To which I replied, "Done and done"!

The referees at Tank's were super professional and polite. And yes, all the gear for the kids was provided. They got a mask, a chest protector, a paintball marker, and paintballs.

The complex is massive. It has several fields on it, with different obstacles and objectives. Even though we were there most of the day, we were able to play a variety of games.

If anyone needs a fellow paintballer to play with, just let me know.


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