Have You Seen My Flamingo Float?

My neighborhood had a really bad rain storm roll through earlier this week.

It turns out the winds were so strong, they blew my Mega Flamingo float out of the backyard.

This is the only picture I have of my float. You can see it in the background.... 

I checked with my neighbors and they haven't seen it. I even looked over a few fences to see if he landed in someone else's backyard. Nope!

So, I made some flyers and posted them around the neighborhood. Here's a few (with my personal info blocked out).

I put them on street lights....

I put them on the community information boards....

I even put a flyer at all the mailbox stations....

Nobody's called me yet.

As for what the flyer says on it, here's a closer view.....

"My Mega Flamingo float disappeared the night of July 9th, 2017. There was a pretty bad rain storm that tore through the area and the winds managed to blow my float out of our backyard. I'm offering a reward for its return. Please help bring Mega Flamingo back home. If found, contact Jay Rodriguez. You can take a slip below. Thank you".

I'll let you know if/when my flamingo shows up.


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