I'm Back From Cabo!

Well, Julie and I are back from Cabo!

We took some time to celebrate our honeymoon and our trip was incredible.

We managed to fit in a lot of activities in such a short amount of time. We went sailing, drove RZR's, ate a lot, shopped a lot, and did a whole bunch of relaxing.

Here are some pics.......

We also made some great, new friends from right here in Texas!

(From left to right) That is Ginny & Tim Patterson, from Grapevine....Julie & Me, from Katy.....and Stacey & Garth Coursen from San Antonio.

Hanging out with them was a true highlight for us. They are all good, fun-loving folks.

We had a real blast. Can't wait to go back!


Dana & Jay in the Morning

Dana & Jay in the Morning

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