Girlfriend of University of Texas' Matt Coleman put his face on her prom shoes since he couldn't go


Austen McGowan's boyfriend Matt Coleman, who has committed to the University of Texas, couldn't take her to prom thanks to basketball practice. Instead of going stag, she created a unique tribute to her boyfriend for the night.

"I was thinking of an idea to include him for prom - I wasn't taking anyone else," McGowan told through email. "I thought of FaceTiming him during pictures, and taking a picture with a picture of him but that wasn't enough." Instead, she decided to get custom Vans shoes made with a photo of him throwing up the Hook 'Em Horns sign and his initials on the heel.

On the day of prom, McGowan paired the Vans with a black sequined strappy gown with a high slit - perfect for showing off her shoes with Coleman's face on them. She shared the photos on Twitter saying, "My man is out chasing his dreams in Texas so he couldn't make it to prom, but I had to make him a part of it somehow."

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