My Sister Graduated....Finally!

I can't believe it.

She did it.....She finally did it.....

My sister, Christina, graduated from the University of North Texas.

It's no secret that between all of us kids, she's the smartest. I guess it's officially documented now.

Now that she's graduated, she's going to be needing a job. If you know of any openings, let her know. I understand she's looking for something high-paying, in a tropical location, and with 4-day work weeks.

But keep in mind, she wasn't always the clean-cut professional in the pics seen above, because I have proof of her student life....

In all seriousness, the entire family is extremely proud of her. She's worked really hard for this. We love her so much.

OH, and check out her awesome grad cap....

Congratulations Christina!

Now, get to work.


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