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Women Say These 9 Cars Are Automatic Red Flags

A thread on the Ask Women subreddit recently asked users to answer the question 'Which car automatically screams [#$@!%] to you?'. The language they used was a little salty for us, so we're subbing in the classic cartoon profanity. You can check out the unfiltered discussion at the link. The topic generated nearly 1,000 responses and the conversation got pretty deep, even delving into what types of jerks drive which specific cars.

There were really too many to list here, but these seem to be the big ones:

  • Porsche
  • Mercedes
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Hummer
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Most BMWs
  • F-350s (Dual Rear-Wheels and Lift Kits get mentioned too)
  • Lowered Honda Civic or Subaru (2001-2008) with loud exhaust

On the subject of jacked up trucks, one respondent posted:

“Can confirm. I live in Maine and every other car is a jacked up truck. And every single one of them is a [#$@!%]

On any of these with loud exhausts, another user said:

“Loud exhaust. Guys, we aren’t impressed. If I can hear it before I can see it, I already hate it”

On anyone driving a "Dually" as their personal vehicle:

"It’s like ok Brian, you work on the third floor of an office building in a cubicle. Settle down.”

Some accessories and decorations were also called out. A lot of this seems like common sense, but the ladies do not like "Truck Nuts" or vehicles plastered with political, religious, or "try hard" stickers.

What do you think? Does their list ring true? Do you have your own list of vehicles that make you certain the person driving it is a jerk?

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