Jordan Peele Revives The Twilight Zone (Trailer)

The Creator of 'Get Out', Jordan Peele seems to love these twisted tales of horror. Peele is going to host the revival of 'The Twilight Zone'. We will have to see how he takes on some of the shows iconic scenes.

According to AVNews, There’s a few other nods to the original series, from the devil fortune teller of “Nick Of Time” to a child played by Jacob Tremblay that appears plucked from “It’s A Good Life.” As a deluge of other paranoid, unnerving clips blast by, we’re treated to glimpses of the show’s incredible cast, which includes Steven Yeun, Kumail Nanjiani, Sanaa Lathan, Taissa Farmiga, John Cho, Ike Barinholtz, Greg Kinnear, and Alison Tolman. Also, Tracy Morgan! Nobody told us he was in this.

How do you think he will do? Do you think these actors can do a great job? Did the trailer get you excited or will you pass?

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