J.J. Watt tweets raves for H-E-B, slams Houston humidity

Former Houston Texans star J.J. Watt discussed some Lone Star lore with fans on Twitter this week.

When asked where the heat was worse, Texas or Arizona, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year responded, “Houston by a mile. That humidity is no joke.”

Watt left Houston for the Arizona Cardinals in 2021, but not before famously giving back to H-town following Hurricane Harvey. Following the devastating 2017 storm, the Justin J. Watt Foundation helped in cleaning up, repairing, and rebuilding more than 1,000 homes and distributing nearly 240 million meals.

Watt ended up raising more than $40 million to help Houston recover, far surpassing his initial goal of $200,000.

When another fan asked about the dry heat of Arizona, Watt tweeted, “In dry heat, you can step in the shade and immediately be cooler. In humidity, it could be 3am and you’d still be drenched with sweat the second you walk outside.”

One fan agreed, saying "I keep telling people I'll take 110 and 4% humidity over 95 and 75% humidity any day."

Another fan asked Watt about missing H-E-B, the grocery chain for which he famously acted in scores of commercials.

“Hell yeah I miss HEB,” Watt tweeted. “Place is legendary and what Mr. Butt did during the hurricane relief efforts, I will never forget.”

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