Space Center Houston sets out-of-this-world Moon2Mars Festival

Space Center Houston is planning a new three-day festival called Moon2Mars, offering an up-close look at the latest space technology and some hands-on experiences like piloting an actual space rover.

Photo: Space Center Houston

Set for June 9-12, the event provides a chance to see some of the tech needed for missions to the Moon and Mars, like spacesuits, landers and more. Indoor and outdoor activities will include panel discussions led by space experts, immersive learning opportunities, food and beverages from Wolfgang Puck Catering, plus live music on the festival stage.

Tickets are $34.95 for ages 4-11, $37.95 for seniors, $39.95 for those 12 and older, and $34.95 for members of the military. Space Center Houston members can get various discounts.

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