Survey finds moms want cards, quality time for Mother's Day

A new survey from financial services company LendingTree has found that the top gift desired for Mother's Day this year is a simple card.

Some 36% preferred a card, followed by quality time (32%) and flowers or plants (29%).

The good news is that 57% of those surveyed plan to give their mom a card this year. On the other hand, only 21% plan to spend quality time with her.

The survey also found that people will spend an average of $225 on Mother's Day gifts this year, up from $219 last year.

Dads say they feel pressure to give moms the perfect day. About 29% of men with children feel pressure to overspend for the holiday, compared with 19% without children.

Around 33% indicate they might take on debt buying Mother's Day gifts, even though 40% say their mom has scolded them for spending too much money on her. In many cases, spending a lot of money doesn't always align with what moms want: 78% don't expect their kids to spend $50 or more on a gift.

If, however, you plan to splurge, ABC 13's "Localish" crew has turned up 15 luxurious Mother's Day gifts.

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