Ashley McBryde Reveals What Caused Her Horseback Riding Accident

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Ashley McBryde has taken to her Instagram stories to detail the events that led to her horseback riding accident. The country singer, who is an experienced horseback rider, sustained a major concussion and needed to postpone several of her upcoming shows in order to recover after the accident.

"A lot of people have reached out and I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and concern," McBryde said on Instagram. "I thought I would send a note to make sure everyone knows what happened this week... A few of us went to ride horses on a ranch in Montana before the scheduled show on Wednesday. I'm not an inexperienced horseman by any means, I grew up riding a fair amount. The horses we were on are ridden a lot and cared for each day. Very good horses."

McBryde revealed that she had first been riding one horse, an older mare, who "was determined to go faster than the pack." She eventually swapped out the older mare for a younger horse named Jenny, and the two spent just about the rest of the day riding together without any issues. However, the horse got spooked toward the end of their ride, and McBryde's foot had been slipping outside the stirrup at the time it happened.

"Jenny wasn't trying to throw me at all. But she was moving faster than I could stay on with one stirrup and a loss of center balance," McBryde said. "When I landed, I assumed I had hit my shoulder as did the rest of the party. Sadly I had landed on my head."

McBryde needed staples close to her scalp and received a harsh concussion due to her injuries from the fall. She revealed that she can not yet walk without assistance, but plans to return to performing as soon as she can once again walk across the stage. Read her full statement here.

While there's no news about when McBryde can return to the stage quite yet, tickets for her ongoing tour are currently on sale.

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