7 Items People Forget When Prepping For A Hurricane

We're all paying attention to see what Hurricane Laura will do over the next couple of days. Many in coastal areas are already evacuating. Those of us in watch areas are working on last-minute preparations, making sure we have the supplies we'll need, and getting our homes as ready as they can be to weather the storm.

The Red Cross is a great resource for making sure we're doing everything we can and making the safest possible choices. The organization's Hurricane Safety Checklist is a one-stop shop for hurricane prep info and tips on what to do after the storm passes.

Below is a list of items that are often overlooked:

ID - Make sure you have your ID in a waterproof pouch or Ziploc bag. It could be necessary when registering for help in an evacuation or rescue situation

Pet Supplies - Remember to include your 4-legged friends when getting last minute supplies. Make sure you have their collar, leash, ID, food, carrier, bowl and anything else they'll need.

Cash - Experts say to carry at least $250 in case business are unable to accept credit cards for an extended period.

Portable Phone Charger - If possible, have a portable charger or power bank ready to keep your phone going as long as possible in a power outage.

Emergency Whistle - A whistle or air horn may come in handy to signal rescue workers.

Bright-Colored Bag - Make your "go bag" a bright color to help emergency workers spot you in a rescue situation.

Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses - It's important to pack your prescription or reading glasses, or any supplies needed for contact lenses.

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