Husband Furious Over Wife's 'Secret' Savings Account, Reddit Chimes In

Financial independence is something that has unfortunately long been an issue for women.You would think that we've moved forward in time now that we are living in 2020 and not 1900, but alas, there are still people who really struggle with the concept of a woman having her own money separate from her husband's.Take the latest post from Reddit's AITA thread where a husband stumbled upon his wife's savings account and lost his mind.

He shared on Reddit saying that,"I found out that my wife of 4 years has been having a secret savings account. I just went through financial documents in our house because something was wrong, and I figured it out."

It opened up 4 years ago, and she’s been auto depositing 10 percent of her income every year.She’s saying it’s a completely healthy thing to do especially for women. She says that she wants to be secured if something happened to me or if I started abusing her."

He shared that he feels what she did to be "illogical" and that he felt lied to for all of these years. He's upset that she has $25,000 "hiding from" him.

Whenever they got married, he started putting his income into a joint account because they had agreed to merge their finances. It's also important to note that she explained that if he wanted to, he could also put 10% (the same amount that she did) into a savings account of his own.

We think we can all agree that this was sort of a jerk move on his part and one can imagine what happened next. guessed it:the wife in question moved out.

"She’s now staying at a friends house. Most of my friends think I’m in the right, but I don’t know at this point.They’re my friends, they’re more likely to agree with me regardless. I think I need to see another POV." The husband wrote.

He then asked everyone if he was in the wrong in this situation and most people agreed that he was wrong.Some even felt that he wasn't being an a-hole, except whenever he made the move and threatened to take 40 percent that just put him into a whole new category.

One user pointed out that "No one plans on dating, living with or marrying someone abusive but it happens so so often with terrible results. You think of your self as the good guy who would never hurt his wife and feel personally attacked. She’s worried you might try to kill her one day. This is a fear women have to live with. It’s just life for us. ( Not to say others can’t live in fear or that all women do- but it is super common for us to)."

He then went back and edited the original post a couple of times to add that they are probably getting a divorce and then went back a second time to add, "She texted me with some uncomfortable news. She thinks our relationship can’t work because she feels I’m “abusive”. I’m not going to update anymore."

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