Ben Affleck Returning As Batman For 'The Flash' Movie

Vanity Fair just broke an exclusive story confirming Ben Affleck's involvement in the upcoming The Flash movie. Affleck will be reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside his Justice League co-star Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Word hit earlier this summer that Michael Keaton would appear in the film in a significant role as his version of Batman from director Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). The Flash is said to involve Ezra Miller's character traveling through the multiverse and encountering various versions of DC Comics superhero characters. The idea seems to be to set up an interconnected on-screen multiverse, with all versions of characters "counting" and existing in their own universes. So, the various Batmen, from Adam West to Robert Pattinson, could potentially meet Christopher Reeve's Superman, Linda Carter's Wonder Woman, or the Doom Patrol from the current HBO Max series. In fact, Ezra Miller's movie version of The Flash already met the Grant Gustin version from The CW TV show in a recent episode.

This stuff has been rumored for a while, but the Keaton announcement and now this Ben Affleck news are official confirmation that the DC movies will be taking this approach.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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