Walmart Online Sales Doubled as Customers Splurged With Stimulus Money

Walmart said its online sales nearly doubled as locked-down consumers armed with stimulus checks stocked up on everything from milk to clothing during the pandemic.

The world’s biggest retailer’s online sales spiked 97 percent in the most recent quarter ended July 31, with customers increasingly picking up their web-ordered groceries in the store parking lot, the world’s biggest retailer said Tuesday.

Fresh and frozen deli products including meat and seafood surged the low-20 percent range, Walmart said, while comparable sales of home goods and apparel grew in the low-double-digit range.

Walmart said that while its US traffic fell 14 percent during in the quarter, the average amount customers spent each trip spent jumped 27 percent.

“Customers continued to consolidate store shopping trips,” the company said, “and shifted more purchases to e-commerce.”

The eye-popping growth, however, began to slow down in late July, when the $600-a-week federal boost to state unemployment checks began to dry up, Walmart said. Congress is trying to hammer out a new benefit package.

Photo: Getty Images

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