Man Fed Up With Online Dating, Hires Massive Billboard to Find a Girlfriend

A man fed up of dating apps has rented a huge billboard ad to try and find a girlfriend.

Leon Hendrix, 24, from Texas, says he finds traditional online dating apps too time consuming, so instead, he decided to take the plunge and rent some ad space instead.

The entrepreneur has even set up a website where potential dates are required to fill in a short 'application'. And Leon seems to have thought of everything, because he's even offering a $5,000 'referral fee' to anyone who recommends a date who ends up becoming his partner.

Apparently, Leon received 617 applications less than a week after launching, and now has the mammoth task of sifting through in the hope of finding love.

Seems a little more time consuming than a dating app if you ask us, but Leon explained it initially started off as a joke.

"But now it has turned into a fun way to potentially meet the woman of my dreams," he said.

"I thought 'would it be possible to market myself instead of marketing a product - to get myself out there and meet a woman I really click with?' I know they're out there, it's just a matter of reaching them.

"I was on the dating apps and it was very time-consuming. I'm a busy guy and I didn't want to make the time for that.

"I had a few virtual dates and they went well, but there was no one I really clicked with. I thought the more reach I can get, the better it gets for me.

"One of the best ways to make it fun and therefore shareable is to put myself on a billboard. This is basically a story I'm creating for myself that I can later on tell my grandkids. It'll be a great story."

Photo: Getty Images

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