Homecoming King and Queen Marry on Football Field 28 Years Later

As college reunions go, this one is especially sweet.

New Jersey’s Gregory Dabice and Janet Fenner tied the knot last weekend on the same football field where they were crowned Montclair State University’s homecoming king and queen back in 1992, the Bergen Record reported.

The two had known each other through Greek life on campus but were never romantically involved — and had lived separate lives until a fortuitous reconnection, via a dating app, a full two dozen years later.

“He was the player fraternity boy and I was the goody-goody,”recalled Fenner, 48, who told the paper she was a straight-A student-athlete who was involved in sorority government.

Meanwhile, Dabice, now 50, was a party animal back in college at Phi Alpha Psi, where he reportedly was the perennial champion of the fraternity’s “kill-a-keg” party, according to the Record.

“I wasn’t right for her in any way,” he told the Record. “She was too good for me and I knew it.”

After their brief reign as king and queen, they went their separate ways, each starting families with children.They both wound up divorced in the same year, 2016.

Soon, their paths crossed on the dating app Bumble.

Fenner swiped right on Dabice’s profile not even recognizing her one-time “king” underneath his facial hair.

“I was stunned in so many ways,” he said. “She looked the same. I hadn’t even thought of her in years and there she was. It was unreal.”

He proposed to Fenner on April 5 in front of their children.A procession of extended family drove up with signs on their vehicles spelling out “Janet will you marry me yes or no?” according to the paper.

MSU was reportedly fully on-board with hosting a socially distant wedding on the field and worked out all the planning to make it happen.

“There was instant trust and warmth,” Dabice said of seeing Fenner again. “We just slipped right into the conversation as if we were sitting in the school cafeteria. I didn’t want it to end.”

Photo: Getty Images

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