Mom Criticized for Wearing Designer Outfits, Dressing Kids in Cheap Clothes

A mom is setting the record straight after parents on the internet shamed her for wearing nice clothes and dressing up, while her children wore cheaper clothes. The mom-of-two is taking down internet trolls and defending her decision on the clothing she and her children wear. So, she went to the same place to defend herself –the internet.

Caitlin Fladager, 26, is from Vancouver, Canada. She has been known for being outspoken, and this time, she is stepping up. Followers of the mom have noticed a difference in clothes she wears versus her children’s clothes. Fladager can be seen in some Instagram photos wearing nice dresses with heels. Followers noticed something else, though.

Her children were dressed in casual t-shirts and pants. After receiving so much backlash for the choice in clothing, Fladager is speaking out on why her children are dressed in cheaper clothing.

According to The Sun, the mom-of-two says she buys her son and daughter’s clothes at Walmart while she buys her own clothes at other places. There are several reasons why she does this, she says. Her children are quickly outgrowing their clothes, while she does not. Her son and daughter also spill food onto their clothes, and because they like to play outside, their clothes are often covered in dirt. Fladager says she is not outside running in the dirt for several hours. She also went on to say that she does not trip over her brand-new clothes, creating holes in them like her children do. The big difference, she says, is that she is not a kid.Her children are messy, spill food on their clothes, and love to play in the dirt.

Recently, Fladager posted a photo of her children enjoying some ice cream. Fladager says when she looks at the photo, it reminds her that she is doing the right thing in buying them cheaper clothing. The dirt, smiles, and ice cream are all worth it, she says, especially when they will quickly grow out of those same clothes.

Photo: Getty Images

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