Marie Kondo Has an 8-Week Tidying Up Program, and It’s Free

If all this staying at home has you ready to finally KonMari your entire abode—that is, get rid of everything and anything that doesn’t “spark joy” per professional organizer Marie Kondo—you’re in luck. Kondo and her KonMari team are swooping in to whip spaces into shape before the end of summer. Kondo is issuing her followers an eight-week organization challenge, and it’s totally free to hop on board.

“OUR 8-WEEK TIDY CHALLENGE IS ON!!!” the KonMari Instagram page announced on Monday. “Here is your list of to-dos for week one.” 

This week, Kondo and KonMari, Kondo’s lifestyle brand, are challenging followers to plan what their “ideal living space” looks like and how they want to feel by the end of the clean-out challenge. Those following along are prompted to write down their visions, make a vision board, and take multiple “before” pictures of the space they wish to tackle.

“Tidying can be a powerful reset—not just for your space, but your entire life,” the KonMari 8-week challenge webpage reads. “If you want to tidy but don’t know where to start—or you got stuck along the way—we’ve got you. Our eight-week challenge makes tidying manageable and fun—seriously!”

The goal of the 8-week challenge, according to KonMari, is to help “eliminate clutter and hone your sensitivity to joy.” The brand promises that over the next eight weeks, “your relationship to your physical space and your emotional state will deepen” and participants will “emerge feeling lighter and clearer.”

The details of each week’s challenge are over on the KonMari website, and participants can reach out to those at KonMari for clarification or with general questions. If you’re taking on the challenge, feel free to share your progress with the #MyKonMari hashtag so everyone can swoon over your transformation.

Photo: Getty Images

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