Boat From JAWS Being Rebuilt to Study Sharks

We’re gonna need another boat! The original creators behind the iconic Orca from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws are rebuilding the boat from scratch. What’s more, it’s all being captured in a new documentary that’s aptly titled, Return of the Orca.

Along for the ride is Academy Award nominee and Jaws production designer Joe Alves, Martha’s Vineyard local Chris Crawford who worked on the OG Orca, and Jaws author Peter Benchley’s widow/Beneath the Waves director Wendy.

According to the project’s press release: “Rather than hunting the great white shark, as in the film, part of the Orca’s new mission will be researching marine life and helping people better understand the varieties of shark species in the area around Martha’s Vineyard including great white sharks.”

It’s a project that would certainly put a smile on Matt Hooper’s face. (Ahem, that’s Richard Dreyfus’ character.) However, like any good-natured campaign in America, it needs your help. So, head over to its Indiegogo to see how you can lend a hand.

Below, you can watch a teaser to see the magic begin.

Photo: Jaws

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