9 Best Baby Names of 2020 So Far

Naming your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make on their behalf. After all, their name is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, and it will form an integral part of their identity. This oh-so-important baby naming process is a tough one for most parents, and it's common to look for inspiration in the media, baby books, and of course, social media. Some parents select names based on their deep meaningful definitions, while others opt for names that are catchy, and trendy. Whatever your motivational and inspirational sources are for naming your unborn bundle of joy, we have just the right thing to get you well on your way to making this big decision.

2020 has been a whirlwind year so far! The top baby names that have evolved from the first half of this year are a mish-mash between those with royal significance, and suggests that some that stem from more modern, contemporary influences.

Let's take a look at some of the fun options that have topped the list for 2020 so far...

Boys Names

Liam:  This is a name we've seen on this list before - many times before, in fact! This fabulously cool, yet sophisticated name has topped the charts since 2018, proving it has lasting power and isn't just a flighty, trendy name. Liam stems from Irish heritage, and stems from the name "William," which coincidentally appears within the top 3 as well. The meaning of the name is said to be, "harnessed with a gilded helmet."

Noah: This Hebrew name is defined as representing "rest and peace." This name also has biblical roots, referencing Noah's arc and the animals which assembled in pairs to board the boat. Noah is listed among the top names for boys, as well as among the top unisex names as well.

William: If you're looking for a timeless name that seems to never go out of style, you need not look any further. The name 'William' tops the list of names dating as far back as you can imagine, and has direct links to many members of the Royal family. Said to mean "gilded helmet," but perceived to be a name associated with success in life, this name is sure to continue gaining traction for years to come.

Girls Names

Emma: No, this isn't just the name belonging to Rachel Green on Friends! The name Emma happens to have deep Latin heritage and significance. This name has been wildly popular since the 1990s and has continued to dominate the list of most popular names for baby girls across the globe.

Olivia: This English name translates to "ancestors descendant" and remains at the top of popular baby name lists across the globe. In fact, this name has been popular for many years as well. It was #4 in BabyNames.com’smost popular names of 2014. In 2013, it was the #3, and now in 2020 it dominates # 2 on the top baby name charts.

Ava: The name Ava commands respect and oozes sophisticated elegance. It's a Latin name that means "like a bird" and seems to have held its popularity since 2010. There are many powerful celebrities that have this name, and many celebrities that have opted to give this name to their daughters.

Unisex Names

Unisex are popular for parents who do not wish to determine the gender of their child before birth. Those of you opting to create an element of mystery to your child's name, or are looking for a unisex name for reasons of equality, can also reap the benefits of this list:

Avery: This is a historically popular name that dates back to the Middle Ages, and translates to mean, "ruler of the elves." It's an adorable name for a child, yet a suitable and worthy name for an adult, and this adaptability is likely part of the popularity this name has continued to hold over the years.

Blake: Blake is the perfect name for a male or a female, and carries well from childhood to adulthood. This is a traditional name which supposedly carries the definition of, "fair-haired dark," but it's OK if your "duck" has dark hair, mama - you can still choose this name!

Charlie: Hands down one of the most popular and widely recognized unisex names of all time is this one! Charlie is an adaptable name for any gender. This is a very traditional name that means; "free man," but it's a name that has been given to both female and male babies for a very long time. Easily used and accepted by either gender, this popular name is fun and classic, and will likely remain popular for years to come.

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