Mom's Time Out Trick Goes Viral on TikTok

When it comes to raising children, there are ups and downs, and highs and lows, and everything in-between. Sometimes, they can be as sweet as pie, and other times, they can throw the tantrum of all tantrums. Parenthood is one of the most amazing things we'll ever do. But how do you deal with a temper tantrum? Is a "time-out" the answer? One mom on TikTok showed how she created a space for her child to sit in when they get upset.

The mom, who goes by Maartemami on TikTok went viral after she had uploaded a video that showed off her son's "calming corner." No time out seat, no making them sit on the couch for five minutes, just a peaceful little corner where they can calm themselves down in.

She had found that time-outs were something that were not working for her and her son. She explained that there are quite a few "big emotions" that come with time outs, that she did not believe they were effective, and that leaving a child with those big emotions just didn't feel right.

So, she did what she felt was best and created his very own "calming corner." It is actually a method that is backed by psychologists and parenting experts. According to experts, kids do not fully grasp the ability to "think about what they've done" until they reach their teenage years. That means that it is pretty out of the realm of five-year-olds.

When in time-out, kids are actually more likely to just stay angry about the thing they originally got upset about. Whereas with a calming corner, they are able to sit there and using sensory tools and items are able to cool down, as opposed to coming out of time out just as angry as they were when they went in.

In the calming corner that Maartemami created for her son, she keeps soft sensory objects like a fuzzy rug, small toys for him to play with, a few stuffed animals, and even a chart that he can look at to help him navigate the emotions that he is feeling.

Photo: Screenshot from Maartemami

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