5 Social Media Habits That Show Your Partner Isn't Happy

We all know how much social media addiction is damaging our mind and health. But it also damages our relationship to the core. People have been disconnected with others because they now like to do everything virtually. Hence, we often ignore our loved ones who are right beside us. But do you know that social media addiction can also define your state of mind to a certain extent?

There are some social media habits that can say if a person is unhappy in his relationship. If you can see those habits in your partner, then it’s time to give efforts to it. But before that, you need to know what are those habits. Read on to know them.

Social media habits that show your partner is unhappy in the relationship:

1.If they are spending too much time on their social media profiles, then they are quite jealous of others life. Their constant posts make them regret their own life. And in this way, they are also missing out on their relationship.

2.They stalk their ex’s profile regularly. This means your partner is still not over with his or her ex or is missing him or her due to the unhappiness. So, that’s why they want to keep a constant check on their ex’s life.

3.He or she is posting an update just to make their ex jealous. People tend to do this. They post a random update just to make people jealous of their life. And if your partner is doing the same, then he or she is not being fair to the bonding.

4.Your partner is sharing each and every detail of the relationship with others. A serious and committed relationship needs to have a strong boundary. Also, some moments are too private in a bonding. So, those cannot be shared with others.

5.Your partner is lying next to you, but checking someone else’s profile. This is a clear sign that he is not happy in this bonding. During this hard time, reaching out to the ex can be exciting, but the existing relationship needs to be healed.

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