Kroger not giving customers change back amid COVID-19 related coin shortage

Kroger is making some fundamental changes at their checkout as the U.S. experiences a coin shortage connected to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The grocer announced this week that they will not be returning coin change to customers who pay with cash during the shortage, and are instead offering other solutions.

Kroger released the following statement regarding the new plan:

"Currently our stores are collecting donations for the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation by allowing customers to round up their order total to the next dollar. Kroger's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation supports hunger relief efforts across the communities we serve. For customers that choose not to donate, our cashiers will load the coin value due back through their loyalty card. Customers can redeem the amount on their next transaction We know this is an inconvenience for our customers and we appreciate their patience. The Treasury Department expects the shortage to diminish as more regions of the country reopen."

Read more here or watch video below.

The Kroger Co. Corporate Headquarters

Photo: Getty Images

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