Bride-to-Be Gains Weight in Lockdown, Demands Sister Pay for Alterations

Getting married can be stressful, but when the wedding date is still a year off, there’s plenty of time to fix things. Unfortunately for one woman, her sister (the bride-to-be) doesn’t seem to be feeling patient and wants what she wants now (even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense).

Posting under the name Fun-Line7588, the sister of the bride-to-be shared her story onReddit’sforums.According to her, she originally bought her sister’s wedding dress as an early gift. The dress reportedly cost $3,500 (plus alterations), but it also apparently looked great on the bride-to-be.

Things have reportedly changed.

The sister wrote, “Now with the pandemic and everything my sister’s wedding has been postponed to next spring. But last week she approached me with a request for another $600 because she wants to get the dress altered more. She’s gained some weight over the past months and now she can’t fit into the dress.”

Fun-Line7588 continues, “Maybe I was a little too blunt here but when she first told me the dress doesn’t fit anymore I was like ‘so? Your wedding is still almost a year away. Just lose the weight by then.’ She got extremely upset at me and told our parents that I ‘called her fat’ and insulted her.”

The sister says since she already paid for the first round of alterations, she doesn’t think she should have to pay any more money.

The story concludes, “But my sister and parents are demanding I pay for alterations otherwise I’m 'cruel' for making my sister trash her dream dress for something else that fits her, just because I won’t pay a little more for alterations. I don’t think I’m making her do anything though.”

Commenters on Reddit seemingly took Fun-Line7588’s side, with one writing, “The sister didn't make the bride gain weight, and she has a year to lose it if she wants the dress to fit, or she can pay to have the dress altered herself. The bride needs to take responsibility for her own actions.”

Photo: Getty Images

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