How to Tie-Dye With Red Wine for a Winederful DIY Project

After spotting your favorite TikTokers rocking tie-dye sweats, you're scoping out what you have on hand to recreate this look. If you don't have bleach, you may even be wondering how to tie-dye with red wine. You don't need a rainbow tie-dye kit to make this sweet loungewear trend. All you need is a bottle of red wine and a few how-to TikTok videos.

It starts with selecting the items in your closet you want to give a chic upgrade to. This works well with anything white, so go ahead and grab a white hoodie, crop top, or oversized tee that you want to spruce up. Just like you would regularly tie-dye, start by twisting or scrunching up your clothes into your desired design. Tie the bits you want to stay white with rubber bands. Then, it's time to get crafting with your red wine.

Some of the below tie-dye tutorials offer tips on how to achieve really vibrant designs. Though, no tie-dye creation comes out the same, so expect your masterpiece to be truly unique. Get your roomies together for wine tie-dye during your next Friday night in, or on your Weekly Wine Wednesdays. Just don't forget to document the whole thing so other TikTokers can be inspired by your masterpieces.

1. You Can Enjoy A Glass Of Red While Your Tie-Dye Soaks

If you're 21 or up, the joy of red wine tie-dye is that while you're making your masterpiece, you can pour yourself a little glass to enjoy. This TikTok video suggests that you let your red wine soak for about four hours, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your glass of red while you stream your favorite movie.

2. Apparently, This Trend Works Well On Sweatshirts

This TikTok video uses the same audio as the last video, which suggests that after letting your clothing soak, you should stick it in the oven for 30 minutes to an hour at 170 degrees. This TikToker also tie-dyed a comfy crew neck, which came out looking seriously fab. If you're feeling inspired, a good place to start your wine tie-dye adventure may be with a cozy sweatshirt of your own.

3. Watch Out For Splashes

You don't want to accidentally get splashes of red wine on your gorgeous marble countertops. To avoid getting stains anywhere other than on your DIY project, try wine tie-dyeing in your bathtub like this TikTok user did. That way, you can easily rinse off any excess splashes ASAP.

4. Use A Spray Bottle To Get A Cute Design

You can always pour your wine straight onto your crew neck, tee, or tank, but this TikTok user takes an alternative approach by using a spray bottle. This is a good idea if you want to avoid any messes from accidental over-pouring.

5. You Can Try Boiling Your Red Wine

Before pouring your red onto your blank canvas, you may want to take a cue from this TikTok user and boil your wine. This is a good idea if you're tie-dyeing in the backyard and don't want to go back inside to put it in the oven. Simply pour the boiled red wine onto your clothes and set it off to the side in a bag to dry for four to six hours.

Photo: The Hookup

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