A Dua Lipa & Madonna Collaboration Could Be In The Works

Dua Lipa has shared her adoration for Madonna time and time again and now it seems as if the pop star is attempting to snag a collab with the Queen of Pop.

Speaking with Music Week, Lipa's management commented on the singer's aspirations to link up with the industry veteran. "She’s definitely the complete pop star and obviously this album is heavily influenced by Madonna," Ben Mawson said when referencing Lipa's recent release, Future Nostalgia, and Madge's 2005 Confessions on a Dancefloor. Both records feature tracks produced by Stuart Price. "In fact, we’re about to try and get Madonna on a record. I'm going to write the e-mail and see if she’s up for going on a Dua track."

Since its release in March, Lipa has released three singles off the LP, including "Don't Start Now," "Physical" and "Break My Heart."

Additionally, Mawson recalled his early memory of meeting Lipa, where Madonna was a topic of conversation. "Dua told me she aspired to be Madonna when I met her, when she was 17, and there was something about the way she said it that made me believe her!" he explained. "It was about her personality, her charisma, her competitiveness and her drive and that came across. Dua’s got it all, so she’s unlimited potential."

Previously, Dua admitted that she would like to "do a Madonna" and reach a creative peak in her '40s. "I want to do this for as long as I can. I feel Madonna peaked [in her 40s] and made the best pop album known," she reportedly told The Sun in reference to 1998's Ray of Light. "Women, we can do it for as long as we want to. And then at some point I'll retire with a couple of dogs and take up smoking again."

Photo: Getty Images