Baby Thinks Her Name Is 'Alexa' After Hearing Parents Talk To Echo [VIDEO]

A hilarious video shared online by mother, Charlotte Moultrie, 28, of her 11-month-old baby responding only to the name "Alexa" instead of her own birth name, Emily, has gone viral.

Emily appears to completely ignore her own name when her parents, Charlotte and Andy, from Douglas, Isle of Man, call on her. The couple says that they purchased the Amazon Echo Dot device, which is pre-programmed to respond to "Alexa," when Emily was only five-months-old and have been using it ever since.

In the video you can hear Charlotte ask, "Emily? Emily..?" without any response from her child. Only when she says "Alexa?" does the little girl respond. "No, your name’s Emily, not Alexa!" She continued, "Oh my god, what am I going to do?"

In an interview with Story Tender, the parents shared, "Every time you shout her name, she ignores you and then I say Alexa and she looks at me. I was so worried she thought her name was Alexa when it first happened!"

"She does it all the time now; if she's playing in her room or crawling away we can’t get her attention unless we shout Alexa," she continued. "I've had to turn my notifications off because it’s constantly going."

Charlotte posted the viral video on the popular social media app, Tik Tok, where it gained traction and has garnered over a million views. The couple downloaded the app due to boredom in quarantine, and after they posted that video they woke up to thousands of likes and new followers.

One account commented, "You can change Alexa to respond to your chosen name in the settings."

Charlotte replied, "Done and changed. We do it manually now mostly! Hahah."

The happy family hopes this will just be a hiccup in her early years of life and that she’ll be content with her given name, Emily, once she can talk.

Photo: Getty Images

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