18 Baby Girl Names With Super Fierce Meanings

When trying to choose a baby name, coming up with one that sounds good with the baby's last name, her siblings' names, and has a good meaning that won't get her teased as she grows up, is a large ask. There are so many different avenues that can be taken and there really isn't a wrong answer (OK, there are some names that are pretty bad).

But if parents are looking for a particular feel for a baby name, perhaps a meaning that speaks to them more than the name itself is a great way to get inspiration. Words have power and the meaning behind baby names hold some of that, too. Check out these girl names that pack a whole lotta punch behind their awesome meanings.


The name sounds really sweet and it's not too common, so on those levels, it sounds like a great name. However, when one looks deeper and learns out the name's meaning, it gets even better. Yes, Lilith means "monster," and that's a pretty awesome baby name for a girl who's going to grow up to take on the world.


There's something special about the name Aella. It's not common so there will be no competing with other kids in the class when the name is called. Aella is also a sweet-sounding name that ends in a vowel, making it ideal for a girl. Oh, and the name means "whirlwind," and how cool is that?


When we hear the name Aiden, typically we think of this for a little boy. But it's a wonderful unisex name that can be used for any gender. The fact that it means "little and fiery" is fitting for getting the feeling wanted out of choosing a name with a powerful message behind it.


Adrianeis one of those baby girl names that land in the middle of unusual and common. We hear it enough that it doesn't make us do a double take, but there are so many ways to spell it, we have to look it up. Adriane is a powerful name choice because of its root in Greek mythology as King Minos' daughter. The name can also mean "dark."


Raven is a name that's been around for a while for little girls, and there are so many cute nicknames to go along with it. However, don't forget that this is a really awesome name for a girl who is not going to sit down and take being treated badly by anyone.


If finding a quirky name that we don't hear often for people, let alone girls, is what parents are striving to find, Bandit is one of those names. Yes, it's unusual. Yes, it's also totally fierce. The name means thief and it's a gender neutral name that would make a little girl stand out in the best way.


We're sure there are many of us who have our own memories with tequila. Perhaps in college or our wedding night, there are many fun stories with this drink. It's also an unusual, off-the-wall name for a baby girl and if that's the vibe parents are going for, this is a great option.


Now if finding a name that really has a "don't mess with me" vibe to it is important to the parents, Rebel says it better than any other name. We know the name from the Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, and she's unapologetically herself, so who's to doubt another baby will be, too?


Rogue is one of the coolest characters from X-Men, the young girl who joins the superhero clan and makes a name for herself. The name doesn't have to be a fun nickname for a fictional character though. It's a great name choice for a little girl who isn't afraid to be herself.


Another unusual name on the list, Evren isn't on any top baby name list that we've ever seen. Chances are it won't ever become that popular, but don't write it off. The name, which means "universe," is a fitting choice for a little girl that we would love to hear used more often.


As BabyNameWizard notes, Freya is the name of a Norse mythology goddess, and she was also the goddess of fertility.It's one of those names that sound pretty to the ear and there's an understanding that Freya means business in the best way possible. Can't walk over this girl, nope!


We all know the name Hermione from the amazing wizard girl from the Harry Potter series. She's one of those incredible characters to look up to because she stood her ground and didn't care what others thought. The name itself means "pillar queen" which sounds a lot like a queen who stands her ground. How perfect is that for name inspiration?


When we hear the name Katana, it's a beautiful name that has a gorgeous ring to it. However, don't let it's sweet sound fool you, the name's meaning is "for a sword," and if that's not a powerful baby girl name, we're not sure where the bar is to meet that standard.


I'm sure everyone knows someone or has heard of someone just outside their circle with the name Olivia. It's been on the top 100 baby girl name list forever, and that's why this slight flip is so much better. Dropping the "O" and going with Livia is a quirky flip, plus the name means "envious" which is super fierce.


We love names that go beyond the typical top 50 baby names list and Slone is one of those we love. The name sounds more like a last name and can be used as a first name for any gender. It means "warrior" so it's got all those points working in its favor!


When we think of a color that comes with power and awesomeness, and Scarlett is one of those names. Of course, the name is an honor to the color red and that color comes with both danger and power and beauty with it. Kind of like how we would think of a girl who is born to take on the world.


There are many who believe the shorter names are the most feminine, but feminine doesn't mean a name isn't kick butt or intimidating. The name Vada sounds sweet, especially when paired with the meaning -- "famous ruler" -- it's a name that will have everyone take the little one seriously.


The name Zara just sounds like a warrior and add in the meaning, "princess," and it's one of those names that is too often overlooked. Don't let the short and sweet sound of the name blind the fact that this name is fit for a little girl who is not going to take anything from anyone.

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