Fights Over Bathroom Habits Lead to Divorce

It’s the little things that count in a relationship. It’s also the little things that can drive you absolutely crazy. A new study finds that your partner’s small bathroom habits may be the driving force for you to break up.

The survey, which talked to 2,000 British couples, found that 70% were in a bathroom war with their significant other and 20% said they had ended a relationship because of their partner’s bathroom habits.

Men cited women’s hair being left everywhere as their main complaint while women found their male partners to be generally too messy (and smelly.) Many complaints about both sexes stemmed from toilet cleaning issues as well as replacing the toilet paper and putting it in the correct place.

For many people who have been on lockdown the past few months, the bathroom is the only room that provides some alone time from partners, children, and the whole world-ending thing, and apparently that is a major point of tension as well. According to the survey, men average 13 minutes in the bathroom and women do about 11 minutes.

Bathroom fights have caused many couples to call a contractor to install another bathroom in order to avoid fights (one in 10) but 54% are just grinning through their partner’s less-then-ideal bathroom habits.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

Photo: Getty Images

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