People on TikTok Are Discovering That Dishwashers Have Filters [VIDEOS]

Leave it to TikTok to teach the kids these days–AKA pretty much all of us–that dishwashers have filters that you’re supposed to change periodically. How fun! Another gross aspect of life we have only recently learned!

A PSA about changing your dishwasher filter is circling the app, and it may be the discovery that makes you almost puke today. People are filming their descent into the gunk as they untwist their dishwasher filter–which is at the bottom of the machine–to reveal thick layers of brown, white, and other discolored goo attached to them. To get to the filter, you have to pull the bottom dishwasher rack all the way out. So many people are horrified at the outcome, as they should be.

Dare I say there’s also a satisfying component to this trend? Some people filmed themselves washing the filter off in the sink, and it’s kind of satisfying to watch the filter become cleaner. Don’t get me wrong! It is gross. But, like, it’s comforting to know that all of these people will have clean filters now!

Watching these videos, of course, makes you wonder what is clinging onto your own dishwasher filter. Do you even want to know? 

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