PODCAST: Houston Women with Dana Tyson & Author April Salazar

We know you missed the Houston's Women Podcast! Dana is back with a brand new episode featuring local Author April Salazar.

April is a writer of both novels and children’s books. She has always loved the idea of telling stories, being in the limelight, and creating change. April joins Dana Tyson to discuss her three children's books - 'Super Boy Maximo In Underwear!', 'Alebrije! Alebrije! Alebrije!', and 'The Night The Stars Fell'. She also talks about her own history, moving to Houston, raising seven children, and reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For this episode, we got a chance to go LIVE with our guest on Sunny's Facebook. Check it out below!

You can connect with April on her Website and Instagram!

Follow Dana on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and check out her other Houston Women Podcast interviews! This episode is brought to you by Gallery Furniture Houston.

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