Mike Tyson Offered 8 Figures to Get Back in Ring

It's been 15 years since Mike Tyson publicly stepped in the ring. He's now being offered more than $1 million for each year he's been away to fight just one more time.

MMA Fightingreports that Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship made quite the offer to the 53-year-old in early May: $20 million for a single fight. Tyson didn't go for it, and so the company says it will this week sweeten the pot with things like charitable donations. "He did say no immediately. But I think there's room there," says BKFC President David Feldman, andPeopleoffers up evidence he may be correct.

It points to aMay 11 Instagram videoTyson posted of some pretty fierce training. He also spoke earlier this month about those workouts saying, "I've been trying to get in the ring. ... I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three- or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff."

As for who BKFC would pair Tyson with should he say yes, Feldman suggests "a Wanderlei Silva, someone of that nature. No matter how old Silva gets, he’s dangerous, and I think that would be an intriguing matchup."

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