10 TikTok Families to Follow Right Now

If you’re like the millions of other families dealing with the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, then you could probably use some entertainment right now. And if you aren't busy making TikTok videos yourself, then the next best thing is to figure out which TikTok families to follow right now to get more entertainment than flipping through TV channels for the umpteenth time.

TikTok might have once been the go-to spot for young millennials who wanted to showcase dance moves and their lip-syncing abilities. These days, however, it’s all about short-form, funny viral videos, recipes, and yes, families who you might otherwise follow on Instagram. TikTok allows for quick and easy watches and, in this case, might help you feel a little less stir-crazy during these strange times.

10.The Harfin Family

The Harfin family on TikTok is made up of a mom and her two kids. And, somehow, they have almost 2 million followers on the platform. They make bake-off videos that will give you serious parenting goals and they tease each other to no end. They are just all around entertaining and if you need confirmation that it’s totally OK to be that dorky but cool mom or dad, then the Harfin family will give it to you.

9.The "Dadosaur" Family

You might have already heard of Olive Mannella and her dad, the guy who acts like a walking, talking dinosaur the moment one of his daughters says the word "dadosaur." The videos are so much fun and entertaining for pretty much everyone.

Don't be surprised if your own kids want to start a similar tradition with you, however, because it’s hard not to want to have the kind of repertoire this family has.

8.Megan Elizabeth And Her Boys

A TikTok user by the name of Megan Elizabeth is a single mom to twin boys and a baby. Her videos are full of all of the shenanigans her kids get into and it’s adorable. From her twins talking to each other on their baby monitor when they should be sleeping to Megan showing how she is doing the single mom thing better than a two-parent household in some cases, they are totally an inspiration and just fun to follow.

7.Chaos Kitchen

Chef Vic of the TikTok account called Chaos Kitchen is one of those TikTok chefs you follow so you can watch all of his recipes without ever creating them yourself. It happens and it’s OK. But he also features his family at times and when they all get together in the videos, they are loud, loving, and downright hilarious. Chef Vic is a great chef of course, but he seems to be an even more devoted dad.

6.Okay Fam

The Okay Fam on TikTok is a smaller family, but they make videos teasing and pranking each other or being constructive with their time as a family. Like the TikTok video in which they work together to build a mini greenhouse.

Think of their TikTok page as a sort of family vlog with shorter videos to commit to as you follow their life together through the app.

5.The McFarlands

Try to watch the McFarlands on TikTok and not want the dad to adopt you, despite being a grown adult yourself. The adult children make all kinds of dancing videos with their parentsin their videos, though namely with their dad, who is so into their dance routines at this point that it’s hilarious and endearing at the same time. And honestly, the older father is quickly becoming the star of the family.

4.Joe Mele And His Dad

Although Joe Mele’s mom isn't often featured in his videos, the relationship he has with his dad is seriously hilarious. Not only does he get his seemingly unwilling dad to say certain words with his thick New York accent, but he also convinces him to dress up like various characters. Even though Joe’s dad seems like a grumpy man less than willing to play along, you can tell that the pair get a kick out of pushing each other out of their comfort zones.

3.Michele Sullie And Family

Sometimes, you need a good adorable baby video to get you out of a funk. Luckily, Michele Sullie and her family on TikTok have what you need in that regard. The family of four has a little girl and baby, who are often the subject of adorable videos.

Whether they are showing the reality of being tired parents with energetic kids or showing playful workoutswhile using their kids for them, the family is so fun to watch.

2.Baby Noggin

If you can watch even one of the Baby Noggin videos and not instantly giggle, then there’s probably no hope for you. The videos on this particular family TikTok profile are all about a baby being shown as an adult, with his or her tiny head poking through sheets or the neck of sweatshirts on an adult to look like they are the adult, but with an extremely shrunken head. It's silly, it's fun, and it's oh so adorable.

1.That YouTube Family

The bio of That YouTube Family on TikTok says they are a "crazy fun YouTube family enjoying life together." Is there really anything else you need to know? With almost 5 million overall likes on their videos, the family is doing their best to make the most out of their internet fame while making videos being silly with each other. They also poke fun at the pitfalls of parenthood in a way that’s so relatable it’s hard to deny.

Whether you love TikTok for the videos that help you escape the harsh reality of the world right now, or you have followed some of these families since the short-form video platform came out, finding the best TikTok families can make your experience with the app that much better. No, going on TikTok 10 times per day won’t change any of the horror of the real world, but it can help you escape for just a little while, with your family by your side.

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