The Best Bedroom Paint Colors, According to Real Estate Agents

Unlike your kitchen cabinets and front door, your bedroom’s paint color has no sway on your home’s selling price, according to Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis.But that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and order that neon yellow paint. It’s likely you’re looking to style your space to promote some R&R. And, fact is, there are certain paint colors that do that better than others.

To that end, we asked some real estate agents to share their favorite bedroom paint colors. They’re quite the unexpected experts on the matter, after all. Not only have they seen hundreds of bedrooms—both good and bad—but they also regularly stage homes to give off those aspirational vibes.

“Bedrooms should promote a tranquil state of mind for better relaxation,”says Jodi Moody, a relator at Smoky Mountain Realty in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

If you’re selling, agents say you can’t go wrong with neutrals.John Graff, CEO at Ashby & Graff Real Estate in Los Angeles, recommends whites and off-whites so that the bedroom shows bright and airy.

“They let buyers see it as a blank canvas where they can imagine their own favorite paint color,” he says.

Grays are good options, too. “We choose Valspar’s Tempered Grey in most of our flips and suggest it to clients who are listing,” says Uriah Dortch, a professional home buyerin Raleigh, North Carolina. The color goes well with grays or tans, he says, but also helps colors pop and looks good with both hardwood floors and carpet.

“If you are selling, I would suggest it in every bedroom at a minimum—or the whole house if you can!” he says.

That said, there are definitely some colors that aren’t calming. Jennifer Okhovat, a Realtor with Compass in Los Angeles, California, saysthe only color she avoids in the bedroom is a bright red.Moody warns to stay away from the “teen favorites,” too, like purple, orange, and black, for the same reasons.

Some colors, like brown, can be a hit or miss, too. “Depending on the shade, [it] can feel gloomy and dated,” says Audra Walters, a Realtor at Front Porch Properties in Charleston, South Carolina. “That said, richer browns set against a stark white palette can create a sophisticated color theme that’s more cozy than depressing.” If you go this route, she suggests painting walls a dark shade of chocolate brown. Then, use bright white drapes and sheets to create contrast.

But remember your bedroom is your personal space—so pick a color that helps you feel the way you want to while at home.

“Go crazy in it and do what makes you comfortable,” Okhovat says. “I had my bedroom painted the faintest pink (Happenstance by Portola Paints), but, after several years, decided to switch it up to a light pistachio, which I find very relaxing. It’s a color I love to wake up to in the morning.”

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