All the Lockdown Dating Terms and Trends You Need to Know About

A boozy post-work meetup has been replaced with a just-as-boozy video chat, breaking up over a phone call is suddenly acceptable (because you can’t exactly do it in person), and you can’t rush into getting physical because, well, that’s impossible to do with social distancing measures in place.

With those changes come new terms to describe the state of dating right now. Language learning app Babbel has rounded up the new lockdown loving terms you should know about, all defind below. 

Zumped: To zump someone is the dump them over a Zoom chat. This sounds callous, but it’s actually a pretty kind alternative to the other options available: ghosting (far easier now they can’t come over and see you) or ditching with a single text.

Coronalingus: Dirty talk happening under lockdown, AKA the main form of sex in a pandemic.

Zoombombing: This one’s got multiple meanings. It can refer to someomne nefariously adding themselves to a Zoom chat (lock your calls, people), but it can also describe those awkward moments your live-in partner accidentally strolls into the background of a personal or professional call. MORE: DATING What it's like to come out in a pandemic What not to do on digital dates - singletons reveal their biggest turn-offs Things to do now to nail dating post-pandemic

On-nomi: Over in Japan there’s a term for drinking with your pals over video chat – which, of course, is now also our version of a date.

Quarantationship: A relationship formed in lockdown, whether that’s entirely over digital forms of communication or with whoever you happened to share a household with when lockdown came into place.

Quaran-teams: These are couples, often celebrities, who are embracing isolation together. Although spending so much time together can put a strain on any relationship, it may bring the quaranteam closer together. However, the most vocal quaranteams on social media are in danger of accusations of smugsolation – the flaunting of enviable lockdown locations online.

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