Online Pajama Sales Skyrocketed Last Month

A new report about our online buying habits has revealed a significant spike in digital sales of pajamas, with transactions in April increasing 143 percent over March.

The findings are in line with a similar phenomenon observed by Walmart’s sales executives in March, who found that customersweren’t buying pants at pre-pandemic rates.

The latest findings, which were outlined in a report shared by Adobe Digital Insights, utilized data from 80 of the top 100 online retailers that use Adobe software to track transactions. The company has said over 1 trillion of these transactions have been processed with its software, across 100 million unique products.

The data pertaining to March and April was then compiled into Adobe’s first-ever Digital Economy Index, which measured buying habits across digital platforms in order to analyze and predict consumer trends.

According to the Digital Economy Index, or DEI, pajama sales increased 143 percent while sales of other apparel items — namely pants, jackets and bras — slumped. The DEI also observed other spikes in shorts and t-shirt sales (up 67 percent and 47 percent, respectively), though none were nearly as drastic as the demand for pajamas.

Overall, however, online apparel sales increased 34 percent, largely due to lower pricing, Adobe’s report indicated.

Photo, Getty Images

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