These Are the Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2020 So Far

The top baby names of 2020 are yet to be decided for the full year, so we are a long way from knowing whether and how the cataclysmic global events of 2020's first quarter will shape names of the future.

For now, we've got a new top-searched boys' name for 2020 so far: Asher. The biblical name retakes the No. 1 spot in Nameberry's most-searched list from last year's top boy name Milo, which moves down to No. 2.

Arlo is the most dramatic new entrant to the boys' list, joining the Top 10 with Leo and Levi. That makes three of the Top 10 boys' names ending with O, four if you count Theodore's short form Theo, which ranks on its own at Number 29. Other O-ending boy names in the Top 100 include HugoElioMateoEnzo, and Otto.

Archie has fallen off the Top 10, though it probably ranked that high artificially, thanks to the royal baby. The other boys' name that's slipped is Jack.

Top baby boy names

1. Asher

2. Milo

3. Oliver

4. Levi

5. Silas

6. Atticus

7. Theodore

8. Jasper

9. Leo

10. Arlo

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