Principal carries candy 800 miles and visits every graduating senior

Virdie Montgomery, a high school principal in the Dallas suburb of Wylie, has been updating students and staff during the coronavirus pandemic through YouTube videos.

But Montgomery, 66, says he felt his "Corona Chronicles" weren't enough. So he decided to personally visit each of the school’s 612 graduating seniors at home or work.

“It just seemed like it was the right thing to do,” he told reporters.

Montgomery and his wife spent 12 days driving more than 800 miles to track down all the students. He gave each one a Snickers candy bar, telling them that one day they would recall the experience and “snicker.”

Senior Savannah Skinner said it made her day when Montgomery showed up at her door wearing a mask fashioned from pirate print material and offering a candy bar.

“It just brought a smile to my face and it made me really happy,” she told WFAA-TV.

After completing his trek, Montgomery said he felt at peace, knowing the students could see how much he cared about them.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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