Photographer Captures The Moment With 1st Day Of Quarantine Homeschool Pic

Remember when our biggest school-related stress was capturing the perfect first-day-of-school photo of our kids? Yeah, I'll take desperately coaxing two grade schoolers to smile while holding a letter board any day over my current homeschooling setup.

That's why this photo of a family "celebrating" their kids' "first day of quarantine homeschool" is just so relatable right now. It's the ultimate combination of many parents' Pinterest-level need for perfection with our current pandemic-level need to just get through the day in one piece — or, you know, with at least one roll of toilet paper.

The portrait – which also features a work-from-home dad saddled up to a makeshift office space and two kids hopped up on Doritos and iPad time – was shot by photographer Tausha Dickinson. She asked her neighbors if she could take photos of their family in front of their house, all while maintaining adequate space for social distancing purposes. If you've recently taken up the role of teacher, this will definitely lift your spirits.

Check out more of Tausha's work at the link above or her IG account below.

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