Celebrity Chefs Offer Quarantine-Friendly Cooking Tips, Recipes

Cooking while self-quarantining may feel daunting. After all, you can only eat pasta and marinara sauce so many times in a row.

To pull you out of that impending food rut, celebrity chefs are weighing on Twitter and Instagram with their simple, healthy and isolation-friendly recipes, as well as cooking hacks and recommended shopping lists.

TV host and celebrity chef Rachael Ray shared with her followers a comprehensive collection of 15 meals made only with “pantry staples” — which include a heaping helping of frozen items and canned goods.

“Keep Calm and Cook On,” Ray shared in her Twitter post encouraging her fans to “cook with a little more love, lean a little more heavily on your pantry…”

Food Network star Amanda Freitag shares her “Easy AF” tips on how to transform plain chicken by learning how to properly sear food.

“Learning to properly sear food is essential to lock in flavors and make even the most basic ingredients delicious, so if you’re quarantined and getting sick of plain chicken, I promise this will help change the game,” the chef wrote, along with a video of her explaining the technique.

Meanwhile, chef and host Alton Brown tweeted out his super simple grocery list to help everyone “get through this.”

Padma Lakshmi, host of “Top Chef,” advised everyone to stock up on frozen vegetables — saying they often have the same nutrition as fresh — as well as dry goods like beans, lentils, quinoa, orzo, tuna and other shelf-stable items that provide protein, but last longer than “a steak” or more costly items.

Lakshmi also suggested those concerned about cooking from home make stews or large batch meals and then freeze portions for quicker meals later in the week.

Some chefs are going beyond sharing recipes and are answering your burning questions about how to make delicious and nutritious meals from home.

Chef and restauranteur Tom Colicchio took to Twitter to help those who “are not used to cooking” by sharing a tip he would utilize: “Cook vegetables now and freeze them for future use.”

Chef and television personality Michael Symon also spent time answering questions on Twitter for those unaccustomed to cooking.

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