Baby's First Pandemic Photo Trend Takes Off On Instagram

Break out those disinfecting wipes and rolls of toilet paper, because there's an adorable new use for them.

Parents of infants are creatively stacking baby supplies like diapers and formula alongside hand sanitizer and Lysol spray and taking pics of their little ones with the words "baby's first pandemic."

Christina Wecker, a mom of three, staged one of the photos, starring her 3-month-old daughter, Tyler Joy. In the image, Tyler rests amongst Clorox wipes, hand soap, toilet paper and formula with a letter board sign.

Wecker has two older children, Ryleigh, 7, and Dylan, 3, and says her oldest child is very aware of the anxiety felt in the world right now amid coronavirus spread. For the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mom, the photo was a way to get her daughter to lighten up and help create a cute photo of her baby sister.

"I want when Ryleigh looks back on this period of time in her life to remember feeling safe and loved," said Wecker, who is currently teaching her kids at home and practicing social distancing with her family. "Making light of the situation while we are safe in our house is one way to do that ... I figured we have pictures of all these other big moments in Tyler's life — why not this?

Brittany Rarick, a Princeton, West Virginia mom, says while her family is distancing themselves socially and following all guidelines, she's enjoying spending time at home with her three kids, who range in age from four months to four years.

Rarick created a "baby's first pandemic" photo of her 4-month-old daughter, Laura Jean, and shared it on Instagram.

Portrait of sceptical baby girl in front of yellow background

Photo: Getty Images

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