Hot Tamales Peeps Is the Candy Mash-Up We Didn't Know We Needed

Peeps' latest Easter creation that's launching this year: Hot Tamale Peeps.

Even if you've never had a Hot Tamale before, you've definitely seen them hanging around the candy aisle. They kind of look like Mike And Ikes but they're bright red and they're actually cinnamon flavored, meaning they're HOT. Like the name! You get it. Anyway, these Peeps, spotted by Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom, take on the spicy flavor of the candy, as well as its bright red color.

This might seem like an odd combo, but I could totally see it working. Sugar helps to break down spice, so even if you usually can't handle a little heat, this could help. Plus, everyone knows marshmallow and cinnamon pair perfectly together, so it's a match made in heaven.

Plus, JunkFoodMom said that there is really only a hint of cinnamon flavor, so hot sauce fans this one may not be for you, but everyone can enjoy this with no worries.

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