Kobe Bryant Fan's Touching Moment With Florist Goes Viral

Fans in Los Angeles rushed to the Staples Center to pay tribute to the Lakers legend shortly after news of Kobe Bryant's death broke. E! News shared this story of one fan's touching interaction with a florist that went viral on Twitter.

Zach Schwartz tweeted...

"Bought flowers to bring to staples center. When the florist saw that I wanted purple and yellow she asked, "for Kobe?" I nodded. When she finished I asked what I owed her," wrote Zach Schwartz on Twitter earlier this afternoon. "She shook her head, handed me the flowers and said "it's LA." I almost cried." 

The gesture really illustrates the power of the city's love for Bryant. Hours later, the florist saw the tweet and the outpouring of love the story received. She tweeted that it was her and that she was speechless. Schwartz confirmed that she was the florist who helped him and urged fellow Kobe fans to "forward the kindness to her."

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