Some Couples Are Hiring Donkeys to Serve Drinks at Their Wedding

It used to be that an open bar was more than enough to impress guests at a wedding reception. These days, though, people are getting a little more creative when it comes to serving adult beverages. One of the latest trends, taking place especially in the southwest, is thatbrides and grooms are hiring “beer burros” — which are pack donkeys that carry brews on their back to serve guests.

Texas Hill Country Events provides beer burros for events across Texas, and the donkeys offer more than just beer. Their packs can be loaded up with appetizers and a variety of other beverages as well.

“They have custom-made pack-saddles, about waist-high, with baskets,”Alisha Randig, co-owner of Texas Hill Country Events, told Insider of the contraptions that allow the donkeys to “serve” guests. “They’re small — we don’t put a lot of weight on them, they’re more for the aesthetic.”

The donkeys can carry six to 12 beers in their pack at a time.Beer burros add a fun touch of novelty to a wedding, and of course, they make for perfect Instagram shots as well. 

Another company that offers beer burros is Arizona-based Haul N Ass Productions, which is at @wedding_burro on Instagram. 

“At weddings, you’ve got people that have never met, and before you know it, they’re hanging with the donkey, meeting over the donkey and helping each other take photos,” Vanessa Rice, owner of Haul N Ass, told The Knot. “It’s just a great ice-breaker.”

Texas Hill Country Events charges $575 for a pair of donkeys, but there is an additional cost for events that are more than 30 miles away from their ranch in Wimberley, Texas. You can contact them here for a personalized quote. Rice of Haul N Ass says her company charges around $500 for two hours with a pair of donkeys.

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