New Emojis Are Here

OMG! Look what we can text now.

It's no secret that emoji's are a big part of how many social media users communicate their feelings, emotions and stories with friends.

And earlier today, consumers were buzzing when 230 new emojis were revealed to help kick off 2019.

While the waffle, Band-Aid, and onion pics are sure to be used at some point, many are praising the new batch of emojis that help represent the disabled.

In addition to a service dog and guide dog , users can also utilize the ear with hearing aid , men/women in manual and motorized wheelchairs and men/women using probing canes.

"ABOUT TIME! We've had ghosts, robots, 12 different moons, a poo with a face & even ten empty squares to choose from," one user shared on  Twitter . "In 2019 we'll finally be getting #emoji representation of the 15% of the global population who are disabled—that's 1 billion people... #betterlatethannever."

Now that's something to use the "raising hands" emoji.

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