Star Wars Toy Auction Could Break Records

Houston Star Wars fans can buy tickets to hear the Houston Symphony Orchestra perform musical selections from John Williams' score to the movie The Empire Strikes Back at Jones Hall November 7-10th. The motto they are using to promote the show is Yoda's admonition, "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."

Someone who owns a piece of history is trying to cash in on it.

A rare Star Wars action figure is set to go on the auction block next month and it could set a world record.

Hake's Auctions is accepting bids on a 1979 Boba Fett Rocket Firing prototype that could take in as much as 500-thousand-dollars.

The current record for an auctioned Star Wars figure is more than 112-thousand-dollars.

As many as 100 prototypes were shipped to Kenner Toys from the Hong Kong manufacturer but only 25 of the figures reportedly have survived.

The auction is set to close on November 7th.

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