People Are Spotting Elf on the Shelf Cereal Ahead of This Holiday Season

Kids and parents alike have a love-hate relationship with the Elf on the Shelf. On the one hand, it’s a fun way to celebrate the holidays. On the other, it’s a total pain to keep up with. And, if you’re a kid, there’s always the lurking fear that the elf could rat you out and completely wreck your holiday experience.

Well, soon families can take their Elf on the Shelf fandom to the next level, and maybe work out a little frustration toward the elf in the process. Foodie Candy Hunting just shared on Instagram that Kellogg’s is rolling out a new Elf on the Shelf cereal this winter.

According to the packaging, the cereal is red and green, tastes like sugar cookies, and has marshmallows thrown in for good measure. Basically, it’s Buddy the Elf's dream breakfast. Candy Hunting says that the cereal is already out in Canada and will be out “very soon” in the U.S. “A resounding yay for sugar cookie cereal and a quick dash to hide under my bed for the creepy doll,” Candy Hunting wrote.

People understandably freaked out in the comments. “Ooooooooooh,” wrote one. “I will absolutely be trying this,” another said. SAME.

Kellogg’s doesn’t have any mention of the new cereal on their website, so it’s hard to know when or where it will be available. That said, it’s currently out of stock on, which lists it for $3.64. TBH, that seems like a pretty small price to pay for holiday cheer in a box.


Kellogg's Elf on a Shelf Breakfast Cereal



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